Soul Success Summit

This is Where the Transformation Begins.

The Soul Success Summit is a business retreat, hosted by Megan McCann and Alisa Wilcox
for ambitious, empowered women ready to make their mark in their business and life.


The Soul Success Summit is unlike any event you have ever attended. While we give the value of a 1,000 person conference, you’ll find that the relationships and connection you build are like that of an intimate retreat. Unlike large business summits, we cap the Annual Summit at 100 people and mini-retreats at 30 people so you will get a chance to connect with the speakers offstage and mastermind with those you feel aligned with!

We truly believe that in order to build a sustainable business you absolutely love, you must include both spirit (the feminine) and success (the masculine). We are dedicated to giving you the tools to access both, so you can fall in love with what you do all over again.


We are giving current and aspiring female business owners the tools to access their highest potential. In today’s culture that glorifies competition, we are showing women that we THRIVE when, instead of competing, we can lock arms together. Soul Success attendees can expect to leave the retreat with new lifelong friendships, business partners, and a community of powerful women as resources.

What Past Attendees Have To Say…

"Alisa and Megan are incredible women. They created such a beautiful, inviting space for speakers and guests alike. Even if you go by yourself - you'll leave with some life-long friends!" - Kathy Haan, International Business Mentor

"I cannot say enough positive things about this Summit. It was my first time in Cali and I loved every second of being there. The energy was warm and inviting. I left the Summit a new woman." -Ashley Price, Public Relations

"The Soul Success Summit energized every facet of my experience and has propelled my life and business to flourish in new and unexpected ways!" Audrie Astebury, CEO of The Raleigh Company

"The warmth and energy that was nurtured made everyone feel comfortable and open to learning and connecting. I highly recommend going to a live event if you can make it!" Jaya Rose, Speaker & Life Coach


Join us in Sun Valley, ID June 13 & 14, 2020!

Early Bird Pricing Available NOW!

Join at the Soul Success Summit for one payment of $347.  

Join at the Soul Success Summit for two payments of $197.  


About You. 

  • You dream of generating a whole new level of income.

  • You no longer want to DIY your business, wasting time and resources.

  • You desire to start your days with intention and positivity.

  • You want to be laser-focused, but struggle with distraction and overwhelm. IG and FB, anyone?

  • You are ready to 10x your goals and your income. HALLELUJAH!

  • You long for balance in your home and work life, so you can spend more time with your loved ones, grow your business to the level you desire without working all hours of the day/night.

  • You need support to turn your ideas into a POWERHOUSE, PROFITABLE business. Until now, you've been doing it all yourself and are in need of a fresh perspective NOW!

  • You are WAY overdue for a dreamy beach weekend with like-minded, driven women.

What To Expect. 

  • Start each day with Yoga and Mindset Exercises so you’re ready to receive and manifest your life and business desires

  • High vibe women from all over the world who are ready to connect, mastermind, and RISE TOGETHER.

  • Opportunity to laugh, cry, and snort all the same time!

  • Create the systems and strategies to take your business to the next level

  • Master the art of clarity with your health and business goals and learn how to reach them.

What's Included. 

  • Morning yoga and meditation sessions

  • Business workshops led by industry experts who have flown in from all over the world to share their story

  • Breakfast, snacks, and healthy food

  • Wine infused reception with music, networking, food, shopping, and chance to hear from our Soul Success authors

  • Lifetime access to the Soul Success community of high earners

  • Access to our private facebook group of Soul Sisters

  • Two jam-packed days of learning, connecting and action steps, so you can stop trying to DIY your business, spending months on end with little return and lots of frustration.

  • A Roadmap for taking your business from where it is now to a booming, revenue-generating machine!

  • Tools to create new revenue streams for your business, so last minute travel and relaxing getaways can be part of your GirlBoss lifestyle on the regular!

  • Systems to turn your Social Media into an attention grabbing, money generating machine!

  • Access to candid shots (of the event and you) from our Soul Success photographer

  • Discount rooms at our host hotel

  • Soul Success Swag, and so much more!

Meet the Founders


Who Is Alisa Wilcox?

As a fellow entrepreneur, I get the journey and I get the struggle.  We spend months (or years) on the DIY track, without support, trying to find the right recipe for success.  Along the way, we get tired, gain weight, feel discouraged and almost give up...a lot!  Well, fear not, my friend.  You are not alone on this journey.

I started my company in 2010 after deciding that I didn't want so spend my days peering out a window from my cubicle, wishing for days spent traveling, discovering new adventures and using my passions to create a company that lit me up and made me money.  Was that even possible?  YEP! 

As a Social Media consultant, I was designing and managing Social Media for small-med sized companies in 2010.  And it was awesome. I worked remotely, chose my clients carefully and finally felt free.  But something was missing...

I LOVED my company, but it lacked systems.  And it also lacked MAJOR revenue streams.  I knew I was leaving money on the table, but I didn't know how to figure out how to automate my systems and how to increase the revenue without burning out or adding more hours to my work day.  

So, after spending time with a Coach and implementing UBER POWERFUL AUTOMATED systems into my business, I expanded the scope of my offerings. I had helped over 100 companies create insanely powerful Social Media strategies, and the time for me to scale WAY UP had come.    

And that's exactly what I did.  I took my company and made it bigger and made it way more fun.  I went from managing Social Media for companies to teaching entrepreneurs how to work less and make way more with the exact systems I was using.  

My business allows me freedom to work from my favorite cafes, indulge in last minute travel and also to spend as much time as I want with my loved ones.  My days of sitting in a cubicle getting my fluorescent lighting tan on are wayyyyyy over and now I help business owners take advantage of technology to create more time, space and freedom in their lives.  

Sitting on the beach watching payments come in on your phone with a company you LOVE is a real thing.


Who Is Megan McCann?

My ultimate purpose is bring women together, giving them a vehicle make an impact through their story. It is through story that we can begin to heal and nurture our soul purpose. My programs, retreats, business summits, and online tools, give future change-makers a vehicle to harness their highest potential and manifest MAGIC. It wasn't always this way though. I have hit many dark points in my life that have molded me into the person I am today. These moments of contrast have served as the biggest lessons for me to unlock my higher frequency so that I can fully serve others.

After $100,000+ in student loans, a masters degree, and getting laid off...

I found myself 27 years old & jobless once again.

Desperate to find a way to make income, I started my own business as a health coach.  Through mindset, meditation, personal development, and high vibe community, I worked harder on myself than I did in any of my day jobs. I grew spiritually, emotionally, physically, and became the best version of myself.

In 2 years, I went from hosting foreign exchange students in my tiny West LA apartment just to make rent, to building a wildly successful 6 figure business. I made it to the top 2% of a multi-billion dollar nutrition company.  Once finally seeing how many lives were being transformed by my coaching, I was able to remember my life purpose. It has evolved significantly since then as I now work with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, intuitive healers, speakers, authors, and other creatives, and give them the tools to heal through shadow work, tap into the emotions that serve their desires, increase their value, make more money with less effort, and gain the mindset tactics to find balance in the spiritual and successful realms of their life and business.


My business has allowed me to travel the world with my husband and two little girls. In traveling, I began to experience the magic of yoga and meditation, practicing extensively throughout Bali, Costa Rica, Southern California, and Idaho. The practice of daily yoga changed my life and I began to realize my intuitive power. After receiving my yoga teacher certification, it became the missing link to my offerings...  I had the complete package for future change-makers everywhere.

I now run my business globally impacting those in both the live and online space. I have combined my passion for business strategy, yoga, travel, and HUMAN CONNECTION into one complete package through my destination yoga retreats, business summits , and mastermind groups.

I work with moms who are excited to quit their jobs so they can build a home based business while being a present parent. I work with entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau and are excited to finally get past the hump, and reverse-engineer a strategy to hit their income and lifestyle goals. I help men and women reignite the fire in their work through manifestation in mindset, strategy, and execution.

Although I am pretty freakin' stoked on my business, my family comes first. I am married the rock star of my  life, lead singer of High Mountain Heard, and Realtor in Sun Valley Idaho, Luc Mccann. I am also the mother of two sassy and WILD little girls, Galena, and Mykala.

Thank you for listening to my story, and welcome to the party!

When is The Soul Success Summit happening?

The Soul Success Summit is happening in Sun Valley, ID June 13 and 14, 2020!

Is there a dress code?

Since there will be yoga in the morning, you will want to wear active gear both Saturday and Sunday morning. After our lunch break you are welcome to change into your finest biz casual attire!

Full price tickets are $647. Price includes 2 day pass to the event which includes yoga and meditation classes, all speaker workshops, breakfast & snacks both days, wine and app reception, and lifetime access to the Soul Success community of women.

How much are the tickets? What do they include?

What is the agenda of the event like?

Saturday will start at 8am with a healthy breakfast, Yoga, Meditation, followed by a jam-packed day of speakers and workshops until 5pm.  Then, you will get to hang with your new Soul Sisters at our hosted wine and food reception starting at 7pm.  On Sunday will go from 8am-3pm, staring our day with a healthy breakfast, yoga meditation and another day of connection, learning and implementing. We will send the hourly agenda as we get closer to the date.

Yes! Be prepared to keep some awesome candids from our host photographer! If you would like some curated shots of you on the beach, you will be able to book with our photographer at our special price.

Will there be a photographer on site?

Tickets will likely sell out so we encourage you to get yours as soon as possible. 

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

We do not offer refunds but you are welcome to transfer your ticket to another person at no cost. 

What is your refund policy?

Airfare and lodging.

What is NOT included in the cost of the ticket?

In gorgeous Sun Valley, ID

Where is the Soul Success Summit happening?

You can fly into Sun Valley/Hailey ID aiport. Boise has a bigger airport which is easier to fly into and a 2 and a half hour drive away.

What airport should I fly into?

There are various places you can stay in Sun Valley!

Where can I stay while I attend the Soul Success Summit?

The practice will be for all levels, esp. beginners so get ready to flow at your own pace, sister!


How intense is this yoga and meditation?

Yes ma'am!  

Is there Wi-Fi?

There is plenty of free parking available at the venue.  

What’s the parking situation?