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"Megan has an exceptional gift. She can extract your true purpose and help you monetize it in a way that is aligned with your lifestyle and goals. Her systematic approach enabled me to launch my online business in 2 months and create a passive income stream so that I can help more people, still have time with my kids, and maximize my earning potential. My very first challenge I registered 130 people and have grown my online community substantially!" — Jen Lud, Online Fitness Guru

“My experience with Alisa was very special. She taught me many things I never knew in business and I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years. I feel like I became a better business woman after investing in her. I now feel very comfortable doing alot of the things I was scared to do prior to working with her. Each week we came up with more things I needed to tackle to get all my systems finalized and all my goals met. Alisa was always there and available to help me. We launched a new side of my business also so that I could create a sales channel for passive income. My business is more mature now that I have implemented everything that Alisa has taught me. So thankful!” — Lindsey Mickelson, Founder of MotherSun and the Captain

"Since working with Meg I have more than doubled my  income around being a full time stay at home mom. Meg taught me how to employ myself and build the foundation to launch my new business!" — Darlene M. SAHM and Health Coach

“Working with Alisa is totally worth it if you want to stop putzing around and take care of real business. She is the a supportive coach and teaches in an empowering way. Her advice is on point. Her presence, caring and enthusiastic support is the real deal.” — Zohe Felici, Zealous Event-preneur and Prosperity Coach

"Working with Megan breathed new life into my business. I was stuck and needed help getting out of a rut. Within days of my first meeting with Megan, I had a TV appearance, planned a workshop (that sold-out) and felt re-energized. She helped me to get my ideas organized so I could get results. She gently, yet effectively, held me accountable for my dreams so that I could manifest them into reality. Thank you, Megan, for helping me cultivate and own my magic." — Elizabeth Howell, Spiritual Life Coach