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Day 1 (2/18) Monday: Anza Goodbar &  Pirie Grossman

Day 2 (2/19) Tuesday: Ebonie Allard & Susie Carder

Day 3 (2/20) Wednesday: Jennifer Ludington & Virginia Phillips

Day 4 (2/21) Thursday: Alison Stockton & Kai Alday

Day 5 (2/22) Friday: Lisa Nielsen & Melissa Costello

Day 6 (2/23) Saturday: Diane Forster & Rebecca Capps

Day 7 (2/24) Sunday: Wendy Barlin & Ari Kryzek

Day 8 (2/25) Monday: Gladys Dias & Michelle Roza

Day 9 (2/26) Tuesday: Kendra Swalls & Filomena May

Day 10 (2/27) Wednesday: Rose Jubb & Zohe Felici

Day 11 (2/28) Thursday: Hallie Avolio & Robin Elander

Day 12 (3/1) Friday: Jody Miller & Shellie Hunt

Day 13 (3/2) Saturday: Meg and Alicia on 10 ways to make money online


Important suggestion: Your story and connection to the content of the summit (beginning of the email) will create a much bigger impact. Consider telling your readers why this subject is so important to you.

Feel free to modify the introduction to reflect your experience and to match your voice and unique style that your community is used to and loves. Please address their first name after "Hi!" and possibly one more instance in the email to make the experience as personal as possible.

Please maintain the formatting by keeping the bolds and underlines as specified in the copy documents – thank you!

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